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Movies by Minutes

A new way of looking at movies: one minute at a time!

Imagine watching a one-minute clip of a movie, and talking about every aspect of what the movie is conveying in that single minute of film.  That’s the premise and format of Movies by Minutes podcasts.

Only a few years old, the Movies by Minutes podcasts have expanded to cover dozens of films in many genres, beginning with the groundbreaking Star Wars Minute podcast created by Pete the Retailer and Comic Book Alex. Science fiction, adventure, fantasy, animated films and comedies have all been examined in (literally) minute detail in the manner, with more series arriving every month.

For a catalog of current offerings, visit MoviesByMinutes.com

The Die Hard Minute Podcast

Many takes on one film

Over the course of 26 weeks, 13 groups of Movies by Minutes podcasters will each get five episodes to talk about five minutes of screen time in the first half of the film, and five episodes to talk about five minutes in the second half of the film. It should promise to be a great “sampler” edition of the many styles of podcasting the Movies by Minutes format encourages. Every week, you’ll hear new opinions from different hosts, with varied focus on the cast, crew, production issues, screenplay, history, and elements related to the film Die Hard.

Although the hosts are seasoned podcasters, none of us have tried this particular round-robin format before now. Hopefully you’ll find it as interesting and as unpredictable as it was making these episodes. Enjoy!

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