Die Hard,

Minute 010: Cute Toy

October 13, 2017

Nathan Schuckman and Jacob Kaufman
of the Stanley Kubrick Minute

John McClane enters the lavish lobby of the Nakatomi Tower. He looks at a large Christmas tree against one wall. There’s an attendant at the lobby desk. McClane walks toward the desk.

“Hi,” says McClane.

“Good evening,” replies the desk attendant.

“I’m here to see Holly McClane,” says John. The desk attendant points to a video screen with a pencil.

“Just type it in there,” says the desk attendant. There’s a video screen with “NAKTOMI PLAZA” written over the Nakatomi logo and the words “TOUCH SCREEN TO START DIRECTORY”

McClane touches the screen. A new screen pops up: “Nakatomi Plaza Directory – Touch Key with first letter of Person’s Last Name,” followed by the alphabet displayed on buttons.

“Cute toy,” says McClane to the attendant.

“Yeah,” replies the attendant, “If you have to take a leak, it’ll help you find your zipper.”

McClane presses “M” but sees no “McClane” listed. He presses the “Exit” key and goes back to the Alphabet screen. Next, he presses the “G” key and “Holly Gennaro’s” name appears on the list.


“Christ,” says McClane under his breath. He presses the Holly Gennaro button and is shown a map of the 30th floor. “30th Floor,” he says to the attendant.


John McClane: Bruce Willis

Desk Guard: Rick Cicetti















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