Die Hard,

Minute 011: Get off Where You Hear the Noise

October 16, 2017

Chris La Salle & David Stoker
of the Star Trek Minute

John McClane is looking at the building directory touchscreen, and talking to the desk attendant about getting to the 30th Floor, where his wife Holly Gennaro McClane is located.

“The party,” replies the desk attendant, “They’re the only ones left in the building. Take the express elevator.” He points down the lobby corridor. “Get off where you hear the noise.”

McClane nods, “Thanks,” he says, and resets the touchscreen. Whistling “Jingle Bells,” he heads toward the elevator banks, noticing several video cameras facing him. An idling building guard glances up at John McClane. The guard ignores him and goes back to cleaning his fingernails as he leans against a wall. McClane presses an elevator button and continues to observe the idling guard and the video camera in the corridor. The elevator dings as the car arrives.

Meanwhile in the parking garage, Argyle passes a row of golf carts parked next to a “LOBBY LEVEL P5” sign on the wall. He cuts the wheel of the Lincoln limo and tails the vehicle into a sloppy head-out parking position.

Back inside the elevator, John McClane watches the elevator doors open. As predicted by the desk attendant, a wave of noise and voices hits him as he steps out of the elevator.



John McClane: Bruce Willis

Desk Guard: Rick Cicetti

Elevator Guard: Frank Lerner















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