Die Hard,

Minute 012: Champagne, Sir?

October 17, 2017

Chris La Salle & David Stoker
of the Star Trek Minute

John McClane steps out of the elevator and onto the 30th floor. He looks around through the crowd of office partiers. The chamber quartet is playing Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto Number 3 in G.

“Champagne, sir?” asks a waiter. John accepts the drink from the waiter. McClane looks at the two story waterfall, and the chamber music quartet on the mezzanine above. He takes a sip of the drink, shakes his head, and places it on the tray of another passing waiter.

Through the waterfall, John spies two blonde women chatting with a man whose back is turned to him. McClane bumps into another woman accidentally. “I’m sorry,” he says to her. She turns and smiles back at him.

A smiling man suddenly grabs him by the shoulders. “Hey!” he says to McClane, “Merry Christmas!” and kisses John on the cheek before leaving. McClane is puzzled but smiles and wipes his cheek. “Jesus!” says McClane, “f–ing California!”

Up a short flight of stairs, John spots Mr. Takagi.


John McClane: Bruce Willis

Champagne Waiter: Unknown

Kissing Man: P. Randall Bowers

Joseph Takagi: James Shigeta















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