Die Hard,

Minute 013: Missed Some

October 18, 2017

Chris La Salle & David Stoker
of the Star Trek Minute

Up a short flight of stairs, John spots Mr. Takagi. McClane walks toward Takagi.

“Hi,” says McClane, “I’m looking for-”

“-Holly Gennaro,” replies Mr. Takagi.

“Yeah,” says McClane, nodding.

“Then you must be John McClane,” says Takagi, “Joe Takagi.”

“Hi,” replies McClane. They shake hands.

“How was your ride in?” asks Takagi.

“Nice,” says McClane. “Do I have you to thank for that?”

“It seemed the least we could do,” says Takagi. McClane looks around.

“Quite a place you have here,” says John.

“It will be,” says Takagi, “if we ever get it finished! There’s still several floors under construction. Holly went to the vault room to fax some documents. She should be back any minute. In the meanwhile, her office is right back here.” They had down an office hallway to Holly’s office.

Takagi opens the office door, marked with the inscription “HOLLY GENNARO, DIRECTOR CORPORATE AFFAIRS”

Inside the office, Takagi is shocked to discover Ellis seated at Holly’s desk, obviously just cleaning up from snorting cocaine off the desktop.

“Ellis?” says Takagi.

“Uh, I was just making a call and this was the nearest phone,” says Ellis, pocketing his paraphenalia as he walks away from Holly’s desk.

“I want you to meet John McClane,” says Takagi, in a measured tone of voice. “Holly’s husband? You know he’s a policeman?” McClane regards Ellis carefully. “Ellis is in charge of international development,” explains Takagi.

Ellis snorts. “Heard a heckuva lot about you!” he says, shaking hands with McClane.

“You missed some,” says McClane, smirking. Ellis wipes his nose.

“Can I get you anything?” asks Takagi. “Food, cake, some watered-down champagne?”

“No, thank you,” replies McClane. “I’m fine.” He picks up a family portrait from Holly’s desk. “You throw quite a -” begins McClane.



John McClane: Bruce Willis

Joseph Takagi: James Shigeta

Harry Ellis: Hart Bochner














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