Die Hard,

Minute 014: Pearl Harbor Didn’t Work Out

October 19, 2017

Chris La Salle & David Stoker
of the Star Trek Minute

Ellis, Takagi, and McClane are in Holly’s office, waiting for her to return from faxing a document in the vault room.

McClane picks up a family portrait from Holly’s desk. “You throw quite a party, ” says John. “I didn’t realize they celebrated Christmas in Japan.”

“We’re flexible,” replies Takagi, “Pearl Harbor didn’t work out so we got you with tape decks!” Ellis gives a braying laugh. McClane sets the family portrait back on the desk.

“Actually,” says Ellis, “it’s sort of a double celebration. We closed a big deal today, and a lot of it was due to Holly, am I right, Joe-Joe?” Ellis smacks Takagi on the arm.

Just then, Holly enters the office, pausing when she realizes that John has arrived. John looks at her and smiles. Holly closes her eyes, steadies herself, and says, “John.”

She walks awkwardly past Takagi and Ellis. “Have you met everyone?” she asks.

“No,” says Takagi, “we’ve been sticking him with spears!” He laughs. “Of course he has,” says Takagi. Holly closes the distance between her and John. She leans in, stiffly, and John kisses her on the cheek.

“She was made for the business,” continues Takagi. “Tough as nails.”

“I was hoping you made that flight,” says Holly to John. She smiles.

“Show him the watch,” says Ellis, eyeing McClane. Holly turns toward Ellis.

“Later,” she says.

“Well go on!” says Ellis, loudly. “What are you, embarrassed?” Holly ignores Ellis. John and Holly look at each other.

“It’s just a small token of our appreciation of all her hard work,” continues Ellis. He nods, “It’s a Rolex.”

“I’m sure I’ll see it later,” replies McClane, not looking at Ellis. “Is there a place where I can wash up?” John asks Holly.




John McClane: Bruce Willis

Joseph Takagi: James Shigeta

Harry Ellis: Hart Bochner

Holly Gennaro McClane: Bonnie Bedelia














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