Die Hard,

Minute 015: Pomona

October 20, 2017

Chris La Salle & David Stoker
of the Star Trek Minute

Ellis, Takagi, and McClane are in Holly’s office. John’s just asked Holly if there’s a place he could wash up.

Holly smiles. “Sure,” she says, gesturing toward the hallway.

Meanwhile, a Pacific Courier box truck rumbles up Olympic Blvd toward the Nakatomi Tower, passing the Century City Shopping Center. The truck turns on its headlights as the Sun sets behind it.

Back in the Nakatomi offices, Holly plays with a set of desk scissors while John washes up in an executive washroom. John is now wearing a sleeveless undershirt.

“You’ll have to forgive Ellis,” says Holly, “He gets very depressed this time of year. He thought he was God’s greatest gift, y’know?”

“Yeah, I know the type,” says John. scrubbing his hands with a bar of soap. “I think he’s got his eye on you.”

Holly looks up from the scissors. “That’s okay,” says Holly. “I have my eye on his private bathroom.” John washes his face.

“Where are you staying?” asks Holly. “Things happened so fast, I didn’t get a chance to ask you on the phone.”

“Captain Roberts retired out here,” replies John, unfolding a towel.

“Oh yeah?” says Holly.

“Told me I could bunk in with him,” says John.

“Cappy retired, huh,” says Holly. “where’s he live?”

“Ramona,” says John.

Holly chuckles. “PO-mona,” she corrects John.

“Huh?” asks John, applying deodorant.

“Pomona,” repeats Holly.

“Pomona,” says John.

“Yeah,” says Holly, and pauses. “God, you’ll be in the car half the time.”



John McClane: Bruce Willis

Joseph Takagi: James Shigeta

Harry Ellis: Hart Bochner

Holly Gennaro McClane: Bonnie Bedelia













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