Die Hard,

Minute 017: Say Something to the Troops

October 24, 2017

Tom Taylor, Pete Mummert, and Gerry Porter
of the Indiana Jones Minute

Holly and John are having an argument in one of the executive offices of Nakatomi Corporation.

“We did this in July” says Holly, shaking her head.

“We never finished this conversation in July,” replies John.

“You know, I had an opportunity,” says Holly, “I had to take it.”

“Yeah, right,” says John, “No matter what the consequences, no matter what it did to our marriage — you had to take this opportunity.”

“It didn’t do anything to our marriage,” replies Holly, “except maybe change your idea as to what our marriage should be.”

“I don’t think you have a clue about what I think our marriage should be, Holly,” replies John.

“I know exactly¬†your idea of what you think our marriage should be!” replies Holly. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Ginny, Holly’s assistant.

“Miss Gennaro, I-” begins Ginny, opening the door. She freezes when she realizes she’s walked into an argument. “Excuse me,” she apologizes.

“Hi,” says John, sarcastically. Ginny turns toward Holly.

“Um,” says Ginny, “Mister Takagi is looking for you. He – – he wants you to say something to the troops.”

“Thank you,” says Holly. Ginny nods at John and leaves. Holly looks at John.

“Speech time,” says Holly. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” McClane watches her leave, then bangs his head several times on the door frame in frustration.

“That’s great, John,” he says to his reflection in the bathroom mirror. “Good job. Very mature.” He wipes his forehead with a towel.

Meanwhile, the Pacific Courier box truck has made its way to the entrance to the Nakatomi parking garage.



John McClane: Bruce Willis

Holly Gennaro McClane: Bonnie Bedelia

Ginny: Dustyn Taylor











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