Die Hard,

Minute 018: Boom! Two Points

October 25, 2017

Tom Taylor, Pete Mummert, and Gerry Porter
of the Indiana Jones Minute

The Pacific Courier box truck has made its way to the entrance to the Nakatomi parking garage. It’s passed by a Mercedes sedan, which heads for the building’s main entrance in the circular drive at the front of the building.

In the front lobby, the desk guard notices the truck enter the lower parking level on his TV monitor. Next, the guard sees the sedan park in front of the main entrance. The two henchmen, Karl and Theo, exit the vehicle. The guard writes something at his desk.

In the parking garage, Fritz looks in the rear-view mirror of the truck.

Back in the lobby, Theo and Karl enter via the revolving door. Theo is discussing a basketball game.

“So, Kareem rebounds, right? Feeds Worthy on the break, over to A.C., then to Magic, then BACK to Worthy, right?” says Theo. Karl pulls out a pistol and shoots the desk guard in the forehead at point-blank range.

“BOOM! Two points!” says Theo. Theo laughs and then leapfrogs over the desk, kicking the body of the guard out of the way with both feet. He pulls out a walkie-talkie. “We’re in,” he says.



Karl: Alexander Godunov

Theo: Clarence Gilyard Jr.

Fritz: Hans Buhringer

Desk Guard: Frank Cicetti











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