Die Hard,

Minute 022: Vote’s Not In Yet

October 31, 2017

Niall McGowan and Jonfen Parker
of the Batman ’89 Minute

Tony sorts through piles of telephone wire bundles in the sub-basement.

Meanwhile, John McClane is expermenting with the “make fists with your toes” technique in the Executive bathroom. “Son of a b-tch,” he laughs. “Make fists with your toes.” He stands up and opens his wallet to find Argyle’s business card. His wallet has pictures of his family, along with a note saying “We miss you, Daddy. Love, Lucy and John” on the back of one of the photos. John continues to stare at the photos.

In the sub-basement, Tony is connecting alligator clips to several of the phone wires. In a small equipment box, he throws switches as he hooks up lines to the equipment box.

Back in the Executive bathroom, McClane picks up a phone mounted on the wall and calls Argyle’s car phone. A blast of Stevie Wonder’s “Skeletons” comes through the phone when Argyle answers.

“Yeah, Argyle,” says McClane.

“Hey, man!” replies Argyle, “How’s it going up there?”

“Alright,” says John. “Where are you?”

The scene shifts to the back seat of the limo. Argyle is sitting in the back seat with the stuffed bear.

“I’m kickin’ it down in the garage,” replies Argyle. “What’s the word with you and your lady, man?”

“Uhh,” says McClane, “vote’s not in yet.”

In the sub-basement, Tony has connected more wires to the equipment box. A series of numbers appear on the LED display of the equipment box: 1735, 1776, 1885, 1973, 1160, and 1973 on the right side, and 1533, 1640, and 1830 on the left side of the box. Tony connects another wire and a four-digit number ending in 5 appears above the 1533 on the left side of the box.

Meanwhile, Karl is donning a face protecter as he walks toward the phone wiring cabinet.


Karl: Alexander Godunov

Tony: Andreas Wisniewski

John McClane: Bruce Willis

Argyle: De’voreaux White












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