Die Hard,

Minute 024: EXIT

November 02, 2017

Niall McGowan and Jonfen Parker
of the Batman ’89 Minute

Hans steps out of the elevator on the 30th floor with his men.

McClane still can’t get the phone in the Executive bathroom to work. He stops on hearing a burst of gunfire in the hallway. A woman screams. Quickly, John grabs his gun and holster and heads for the office door. He opens the door a crack and sees women being chased into the hallway by James and Fritz.

Holly, in the Waterfall Room, looks around at the mayhem.

John tries to assess the situation from behind the office door. He looks right and sees several henchmen with guns. To the left, he spots the exit to the stairwell.

In the office next to McClane’s, the man and woman who interrupted his argument with Holly earlier are being chased out of the room, the woman grasping for her discarded blouse. Fritz and James laugh at the woman.

James and Fritz enter the room that John McClane was in, but he left for the stairwell while the two were distracted by the woman.

McClane, still barefoot, leaps up the stairs to the 31st floor.


Karl: Alexander Godunov

Holly: Bonnie Bedelia

John McClane: Bruce Willis

James: Wihelm von Homburg

Fritz: Hans Buhringer

Hans Gruber: Alan Rickman













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