Die Hard,

Minute 033: My Charming Personality

November 15, 2017

Gary Roby & Victoria Laguna
of The Harry Potter Minute

On the 31st Floor, Hans, Tony, Theo, and Karl are trying to locate the noise of an intruder.

Karl opens the frosted glass door to the office section sees just an empty office. Hans looks at him. “Nothing,” says Karl.

“See to Heinrich,” says Hans. Karl and Tony leave. Without looking at Theo, Hans says, “Now, you can break the code?”

“You didn’t bring me along for my charming personality,” replies Theo. Hans smiles.

Meanwhile, McClane is hiding in an office doorway. “Argyle,” he says to himself, “Tell me you heard the shots and you’re calling the police right now.”

Cut to Argyle, in the back seat of the limo with the stuffed bear, listening to loud tunes and chatting on the phone with his girlfriend.

“Off course I’m still coming by later!’ he says into the phone. “Sweetheart, have I ever lied to you? My boss? He thinks I’m on my way to Vegas! ”

In the machine room just below the roof, Heinrich tells Uli to get up on the pipes. “Marco, you go through here,” he says, pointing at a space between the building’s HVAC condensers. Heinrich puts on an earpiece. “Hans,” he says, “we’re on the roof.”

Uli, flashlight clamped in his mouth, climbs up on the soil pipes.


Karl: Alexander Godunov

Tony: Andreas Wisniewski

Theo: Clarence Gilyard Jr.

Takagi: James Shigeta

Hans Gruber: Alan Rickman

John McClane: Bruce Willis

Argyle: De’voreaux White

Heinrich: Gary Roberts

Marco: Lorenzo Caccialanza

Uli: Al Leong














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