Die Hard,

Minute 035: Call 9-1-1

November 17, 2017

Gary Roby & Victoria Laguna
of The Harry Potter Minute

Theo is talking to a somewhat distracted Hans Gruber in front of the Nakatomi safe.

“The seventh lock,” repeats Theo. “The electromagnetic seal. You do understand the circuits cannot be cut locally?”

“Trust me,” says Hans.

Meanwhile, in the unfinished offices on the 32nd floor, McClane is talking to himself.

“Why the f— didn’t you stop them, John?” he shouts.

“Because then you’d be dead, too, a—ole!” he replies to himself. “Think! Goddammit, think!” McClane looks left and right, then looks up to the ceiling, where a water sprinkler hangs from a pipe. He looks at the wall, where there’s a convenient fire alarm PULL switch.

Down in the lobby, a fire alarm indicator shows that someone’s activated the fire alarm on the 32nd floor.

“We’ve got a fire alarm,” says Eddie into his walkie-talkie.

“Call 9-1-1,” says Hans, walking down the stairs to the 30th floor, where the Nakatomi partygoers are assembled. “Give them the guard’s name and the building code, and cancel the alarm. Then, disable the system.”

Hans continues down the stairs, past Tony. Hans pauses, and glances at Tony. “Eddie,” says Hans into his walkie-talkie, “on what floor did the alarm go off?”

In the machine room above the 35th floor, Heinrich listens in on his earpiece.

“Should we go?” asks Marco.

“Nein,” says Heinrich.

Back in the lobby, Eddie uses a suitcase phone to call 9-1-1.

Far below the 35th floor, four fire trucks make their way up Olympic Blvd, near the Ralph’s supermarket.


Eddie: Dennis Hayden

Karl: Alexander Godunov

Tony: Andreas Wisniewski

Theo: Clarence Gilyard Jr.

Hans Gruber: Alan Rickman

John McClane: Bruce Willis

Argyle: De’voreaux White

Heinrich: Gary Roberts

Marco: Lorenzo Caccialanza

Uli: Al Leong

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