Die Hard,

Minute 036: Come to Papa

November 20, 2017

Jeff Ferry & Chris Derkotch
of The ‘Burbs Minute

Far below the 35th floor, four fire trucks make their way up Olympic Blvd, near the Ralph’s supermarket.

John McClane, gun in hand, runs to the other window to watch the progress of the trucks.

“Oh, baby,” says McClane, “Come to Papa – – come on!” He laughs with anticipation, and then paces in front of the window, repeating “Come on, baby!” several times. “I’ll kiss your f—ing Dalmatian!” he says.

As the firetrucks pass Ralph’s Supermarket, their flashing lights turn off and they make a u-turn on Olympic Blvd.

“Oh you stupid motherf—ers!” yells McClane. “No! No!” He pounds on the window. “Turn the f—ing truck around!”

Just then, a bell annouces the arrival of the elevator. McClane turns at the sound. Tony arrives, his weapon trained forward at waist level. McClane has disappeared by the time he arrives in the room. Tony turns on all the overhead lights.

McClane hides behind a stack of drywall, his weapon drawn.

Tony looks at a stack of drywall in the middle of the room. “The fire–” he begins.



Tony: Andreas Wisniewski

John McClane: Bruce Willis

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