Die Hard,

Minute 038: There Are Rules for Policemen

November 22, 2017

Jeff Ferry & Chris Derkotch
of The ‘Burbs Minute

McClane has a pistol aimed at Tony’s neck. McClane just asked Tony why he thinks McClane won’t hurt him.

“Because there are rules for policemen,” explains Tony.

“Yeah,” smiles McClane, “that’s what my captain keeps telling me.” John elbows Tony in the head, knocking off Tony’s glasses. Tony shoves John into a post, knocking the gun out of McClane’s hand. John grabs at Tony, while Tony attempts to bring up his machine gun, firing wildly at the floor.

John pushes the machine gun out of Tony’s hands, and Tony responds by ramming McClane’s head through several sheets of drywall. John tries to strangle Tony with the strap to Tony’s bag, and Tony lurches backward, falling with John against the stairwell door. The two tumble down to the 31st floor landing, with Tony breaking his neck on the way down. John lifts up Tony’s head, and Tony is most certainly dead.



Tony: Andreas Wisniewski

John McClane: Bruce Willis

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