Die Hard,

Minute 042: A Formal Sweatpants Man-Splay

November 28, 2017

Jonathan Carlisle & Steve Lastoe
of The Princess Bride Minute

“This is something else,” says Hans, looking at the words scrawled on Tony’s chest. Hans switches to speaking in German as McClane, crouched on the roof of the elevator, listens in.

John peers through a hole in the ceiling of the elevator at Hans.

“We have to do something, Hans,” says Fritz.

“Yes, we do,” agrees Hans. “We have to tell Karl his brother is dead. Tell him to come down. ”

Fritz picks up his walkie talkie and speaks to Karl in German.¬† On the roof of the elevator, McClane uncaps a Sharpie marker with his teeth, and writes the name “KARL” under the name “HANS” and six tick marks on his arm.

“Franco,” says Hans, “You and Fritz take the body upstairs and out of sight. I don’t want the hostages to think too much.”

McClane hears the door from the other elevator open on an upper floor. He sees someone enter the other elevator, and watches the elevator descend to the 30th floor. Suddenly, McClane’s elevator starts to rise, rapidly. The elevator seems to be accelerating as it ascends.


Tony: Andreas Wisniewski

John McClane: Bruce Willis

Hans Gruber: Alan Rickman

Fritz: Hans Buhringer

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