Die Hard,

Minute 043: Generic Terrorist Sweaters

November 29, 2017

Jonathan Carlisle & Steve Lastoe
of The Princess Bride Minute

John McClane is riding on the roof of an elevator car that’s racing to the top of the Nakatomi Tower. He flattens himself to the rooftop as the elevator reaches the 35th floor.

Shaking his head about not being crushed against the roof, John clambers onto an overhead catwalk above the elevator. He opens a small access panel and steps out of the elevator shaft and into an electrical panel room.  A nude magazine centerfold is plastered on one of the circuit breaker panel boxes. John pauses for a moment to examine the centerfold, then holds his machine gun at port arms and slides the gun strap over his neck as he climbs down a ladder.

Meanwhile, Karl overturns an office desk in Holly’s office on the 30th floor. “I want blood!” he yells at Hans.

“You’ll have it,” says Hans, trying to calm down Karl. “but let Heinrich plant the detonators and Theo prepare the vault. After we call the police, they’ll waste hours trying to negotiate, and then you can tear the building apart looking for this man – – but until then, we do NOT ALTER THE PLAN!”

“And if he alters it?” asks Karl.  Hans says nothing, but raises an eyebrow and moves away from Karl.

Through the office window, Holly and Ellis watch the discussion between Karl and Hans.

“What do you think?” asks Ellis. Holly continues to watch the drama between Karl and Hans.



Karl: Alexander Godunov

John McClane: Bruce Willis

Hans Gruber: Alan Rickman

Harry Ellis: Hart Bochner

Holly Gennaro McClane: Bonnie Bedelia

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