Die Hard,

Minute 044: Marcy and the Cokehead

November 30, 2017

Jonathan Carlisle & Steve Lastoe
of The Princess Bride Minute

“Something’s wrong,” says Holly to Ellis. They’re both watching an argument between Hans and Karl, through a window in Holly’s office.

“Cops?” asks Ellis.

“John,” says Holly, smiling slightly.

“John?” asks Ellis. “Aw, Christ, he could f— this whole up! What does he think he’s doing?” Karl continues to argue with Hans.

“His job,” says Holly.

“Bulls—!” replies Ellis. “His job’s three thousand miles away. Without him, we still have a chance. We might be able to get out of here.”

“Tell that to Takagi,” says Holly.

Meanwhile, John climbs the stairs under the heliport back to the rooftop. He looks over the Los Angeles skyline to the West. Seeing nobody on the roof, he pulls out the walkie-talkie he retrieved from Tony’s body.

“Mayday, mayday,” he says into the walkie talkie. “Anyone copying Channel Nine – – terrorists have seized the Nakatomi Building and are holding at least thirty people hostage.”

Back in Holly’s office, Karl and Hans overhear the mayday call.

“I repeat, ” says McClane, “unknown terrorists, six or more, armed with automatic weapons at Nakatomi Plaza.”


Karl: Alexander Godunov

John McClane: Bruce Willis

Hans Gruber: Alan Rickman

Harry Ellis: Hart Bochner

Holly Gennaro McClane: Bonnie Bedelia

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