Die Hard,

Minute 046: They’re for my Wife

December 04, 2017

Hal Bryan and Jim O’Kane
of The Rocketeer Minute

McClane’s radio call is interrupted by a burst of machine gun fire.

The two 9-1-1 dispatchers pull their earpieces off, reacting to the load noise.

“Ow!” says the dispatcher.

Meanwhile, Karl is firing from the helicopter pad at McClane, who is leaping across several tilted projection on the rooftop. McClane slides down the side of one shut projection, toward the Ralph’s supermarket parking lot almost 40 floors below. He screams as he slides off the projection, but lands on a lower deck near aircraft warning lights. He rebounds off a railing and coughs as he looks over the side.

Back at the 9-1-1 office, the supervisor tells the dispatcher, “See if there’s a black and white that can do a drive-by.” The dispatcher types on a keyboard.

Meanwhile at a Mini-Market convenience store, Sgt. Al Powell is gathering up a display of Hostess Twinkies. Al is humming “Let it Snow” as he approaches the clerk at the cash register.

“I thought you guys just ate donuts,” says the clerk, typing on the register.

Al smiles and pulls out his wallet. “They’re for my wife,” he says.

The clerk doesn’t look up as he bags the Twinkies. “Yeah,” he says.

Al counts out the bills. “She’s pregnant,” he says to the clerk.

“Yeah,” replies the clerk.

“Bag it,” says Al, handing over another grocery item.

“Big time,” says the clerk, completing the bag loading. He hands Al his change and says, “Thanks.” Al puts the change in a D.A.R.E. donation can on the counter, and laughs.

As Al leaves, he gets a radio call. “Dispatch to 8-Lincoln-thirty, over,” says the dispatcher.

“This is 8-Lincoln-thirty, come on in, over?” replies Al.

“Investigate a Code Two at Nakatomi Center, Century City,” says the dispatcher. Al pushes open the exit door of the convenience store.


John McClane: Bruce Willis

Police Supervisor: Diana James

Dispatcher: Shelley Pogoda

Convenience Store Clerk: Kip Waldo

Sgt. Al Powell: Reginald VelJohnson

Karl: Alexander Godunov













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