Die Hard,

Minute 049: Girls

December 07, 2017

Hal Bryan and Jim O’Kane
of The Rocketeer Minute

John McClane opens the door, and recognizes the same centerfold posted on the electrical panel he had spotted earlier. He’s back on the lowest level of the machine room.  Passing by the panel, he pats the pictures with his hand. “Girls,” he says as he walks by.

Below the ladder from the machine room, he spots Karl and Franco. He doubles back to his original entryway, and closes the hatch behind him, hurrying across the catwalk back to the elevator shaft.  Unfortunately, the elevator he rode on top is now many floors below.

“S—,” says McClane. “Where the f—?”

On the other side of the elevator shaft, Karl and Franco hurry down the stairs, Karl leading the way.

Meanwhile, seeing no chance to get to the elevator in this shaft, John seeks another way down. He looks at a mesh screen leading to another shaft. Using the butt of his rifle, he pounds at the mesh screen until it falls down the other shaft.

Listening to the amount of time it takes for the screen to hit bottom, McClane whispers, “Oh my God.” He starts unbuckling the rifle strap from the rifle.

Meanwhile, Fritz is on his walkie-talkie, in conversation with Hans, in German.

“Did you catch him?” asks Hans in German.

“No,” replies Fritz, in German, “but he’s trapped in the elevator shaft.”

Karl and Fritz enter the electrical room.


John McClane: Bruce Willis

Hans Gruber: Alan Rickman

Karl: Alexander Godunov

Fritz: Hans Buhringer

Franco: Bruno Doyon











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