Die Hard,

Minute 051:[Lighter Flicks]

December 11, 2017

Rob Lumley and Joe Duellman
of The Tombstone Minute

McClane is literally at the end of his tether, hanging inside the seemingly bottomless ventilation shaft. The rifle strap is starting to undo itself from the rifle, as McClane clings to the other end of the strap. He tries to reach across the shaft to the other louver, but it’s too far a reach. The rifle begins to bend.

Meanwhile, Karl opens the hatch to the catwalk above the elevator shaft. Fritz and Franco look on.

John tries again to reach the far louver.

Karl walks stealthily across the catwalk, looking down for signs of McClane.

McClane leans farther across the ventilation shaft. The rifle bends more. Suddenly, the strap gives way.

John falls down the shaft, grabbing frantically at the louver. He slips, and falls several more floors. Luckily, he finds purchase on an open louver.

Karl hears the noise and looks at the open vent frame to the ventilation shaft.

John edges up to the open vent. Karl moves closer to the vent frame.

McClane finds himself in a narrow HVAC vent. He reaches into his back pocket and retrieves the lighter he took from the first terrorist he killed. The interior of the vent lights up as he swings the lighter around.

It’s a very long vent.



John McClane: Bruce Willis

Karl: Alexander Godunov

Fritz: Hans Buhringer

Franco: Bruno Doyon

Franco: Bruno Doyon











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