Die Hard,

Minute 053: Die Politzei

December 13, 2017

Rob Lumley and Joe Duellman
of The Tombstone Minute

Karl moves closer to the vent, pointing his gun where McClane is hiding. Karl begins testing the ventilation segments by pushing on the bottom of the sheet metal.

McClane quietly cocks his pistol and tries to aim at Karl through the vent.

Karl’s tests are getting closer to McClane. He reaches the louver directly under McClane.

Suddenly he’s interrupted by Fritz, who is waving his walkie-talkie. “Karl!” he says, “Come! Der Politzei! Karl – – der Politzei!”

Karl takes a final look at the vent louver, and then follows Fritz.

McClane uncocks his pistol, and sighs with relief.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Al Powell arrives at the Nakatomi Plaza circular drive. One of the gang watches from the roof of the building.

Inside the 31st floor, McClane lowers himself from the ventilation channel and puts his feet on the computer desk below him.

Another member of the gang watches Al arrive in his police car.

McClane, holding his pistol out ready to fire, advances toward the Nakatomi art gallery.



John McClane: Bruce Willis

Karl: Alexander Godunov

Fritz: Hans Buhringer

Franco: Bruno Doyon






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