Die Hard,

Minute 071: Nestles’ Crunch

January 08, 2018

Mike Carlucci & Tierney Steele Callaghan
of  the Return to Oz Minute

Argyle is driving the limo through the parking garage to find an exit. All the exit gates are closed.

Meanwhile, the SWAT team ascends the hill to the entrance of Nakatomi Tower. One of the SWAT members is stabbed by thorns on a rosebush that’s part of the landscaping.

Eddie and Ulie take up positions in the lobby to defend against the SWAT team.

Ulie stacks clips of ammunition on a newsstand countertop, while Eddie stands behind a wall next to a bank of elevators.

Ulie stands at the ready behind the newsstand. He glances down, and notices the counter is filled with candy. After looking around furtively, he grabs a Nestles’ Crunch bar.

Argyle continues deeper into the parking garage, still trying to locate an exit. At the lowest level, he finds nothing but a concrete wall.

The SWAT teams continue to assemble in front of Nakatomi Tower.



Dennis Hayden as Eddie

Al Leong as Ulie

De’voreaux White as Argyle

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