Die Hard,

Minute 074: The Police Have Themselves an RV

January 11, 2018

Mike Carlucci & Tierney Steele Callaghan
of  the Return to Oz Minute

Far down Olympic Blvd, the lights of a large vehicle shine brightly.

The SWAT team continues using a cutting torch on the lobby doors.

Ulie, behind the candy counter, takes aim with his machine gun.  He hits several SWAT team members and shoots out the windows of the lobby doors.

The wounded SWAT team members scream in pain.

Captain Mitchell listens from the command post on his headset. “Rivers, Rodriguez – report!” he says.

Theo, watching the security monitors, says, “Whoa – wait a minute, wait a minute… what have we here, gentlemen?”

Bright lights of a large vehicle on Olympic Blvd get closer.

“The police have themselves an RV,” says Theo.

The armored LAPD vehicle weaves its way past news vans and police cars.

“Southeast corner,” says Theo.

James, shouting orders in German, loads missiles into the freight elevator.

“Oh, Jesus Christ!” whispers McClane, on the 34th Floor as he watches the armored car approach. He turns, hears the elevator motor,  but then realizes it’s not stopping at his floor.

The armored car reaches the entrance to Nakatomi Plaza.


Wilhelm von Hornburg as James

Reginald VelJohnson as Sgt. Al Powell

Matt Landers as Capt. Mitchell

Carmine Zozzora as SWAT leader Rivers

Bruce Willis as John McClane

Clarence Gilyard, Jr as Theo

Dennis Hayden as Eddie

Al Leong as Ulie

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