Die Hard,

Minute 075: Macht Schnell

January 12, 2018

Mike Carlucci & Tierney Steele Callaghan
of  the Return to Oz Minute


The armored car reaches the entrance to Nakatomi Plaza.

Franco, on the 30th floor with the hostages, waves his machine gun at them and yells, ” All of you, get back! Get the f— back!”

Meanwhile on the 35th floor, James shoves his cartload of missiles out of the freight elevator.

“Get over there!” yells Theo, watching the action on the security monitors.

“Schnell! Schnell” yells Fritz at James. “Macht Schnell!”

“Ah Scheisse!” replies James, as one of the missiles falls off the cart.

“[Just leave it!]” says Fritz in German. “[Hurry! Hurry! Faster! Make it fast! Stop here!]”

Fritz and James park the cart and grab the launcher tripod equipment. They hurry to a nearby window. James stands the tripod upright, while Fritz uses a nail gun to brace the tripod into the floor.

The LAPD armored car accelerates toward the Nakatomi Tower.

James plugs the launcher into the tripod, while Fritz attaches ignition cables.

James opens a missile case and removes a warhead.

LAPD’s armored car gets closer to the tower.

“Ya, I see him!” says Fritz, looking through the targeting scope of the launcher.

The armored car is almost at the entrance to the tower. It makes a right turn to climb the steps to the lobby.

“Ready!” says Fritz.

“Momen!” says James, trying to steady the launcher.

The armored vehicle starts to climb the steps, knocking down a row of handrails. The vehicle pauses on the first landing.

“[Go ahead!],” says James in German.

“[Now!]” says Fritz in German.  He presses the FIRE button.

The missile flies down into the plaza, striking the armored car. There’s an eruption of flame.


Wilhelm von Hornburg as James

Hans Buhringer as Fritz


Clarence Gilyard, Jr as Theo

Bruno Doyon as Franco

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