Die Hard,

Minute 077: Take This Under Advisement, Jerkweed

January 16, 2018

Sean German
and Dave Pallas

McClane unwraps a brick of C-4. The detonators are scattered on the computer chair. He sticks a single detonator in the brick.

“F— it!” says McClane, and jams all the other detonators into the brick.

“Mach schnell! Mach los!” shouts Fritz to James. James runs to get more shells, but the missile box nearby is empty.

Meanwhile, McClane grabs a computer CRT and ties it to the office chair containing the C-4 and the detonators.

“See if you can take this under advisement, jerkweed,” says McClane.  He rolls the chair toward the elevator.

Meanwhile, James returns to the place where he and Fritz dropped the other missile box.

McClane, at the open elevator door, says, “Geronimo, motherf—–r!” and pushes the chair into the shaft.

The chair tumbles, end over end, into the darkness at the base of the shaft.

Suddenly a brilliant explosion heads back up the elevator shaft. James, on the 32nd floor, is flattened by the explosion.

Flames shoot out of the building on the second floor of Nakatomi Tower.

On the 30th Floor, Holly and the other hostages hear the muffled roar of the explosion and see windows crack.

The explosion continues up to the roof of the building.

Robinson and the others in the police command post take cover.

McClane, watching the explosion rise up the elevator shaft, suddenly realizes he’s in the wrong place.  The flames shoot his way.

“Oh SH–!” he yells, leaping out of the way. The explosion knocks him across the computer room.

Hans watches the carnage from Holly’s office.

“They’re using artillery on us!” says Franco.

“You idiot,” replies Hans, “It’s not the police – – it’s HIM!”

Billowing smoke fills Olympic Boulevard.


Wilhelm von Hornburg as James

Hans Buhringer as Fritz

Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Bruce Willis as John McClane

Paul Gleason as Dwayne T. Robinson

Bonnie Bedelia as Holly

Bruno Doyon as Franco

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