Die Hard,

Minute 088: I Read About Them in Time Magazine

January 31, 2018

Chris LaSalle and David Stoker of The Star Trek Minute

Hans is listing terrorists he wants freed by the police.

“– nine members of the Asian Dawn,” he continues.

McClane listens in on his walkie talkie. “What the f—?” he says.

In Holly’s office Karl looks askance at Hans. “Asian Dawn?” he mouths.

“I read about them in Time Magazine,” explains Hans. He turns back to the walkie talkie.

“When these revolutionary brothers and sisters are free,” Hans continues, “the hostages in this building will be taken to the roof, and they will accompany us in helicopters to the Los Angeles International Airport, where they will be given further instructions. You have two hours to comply.”

“Wait a minute,” says Dwayne Robinson, “Mister Gruber, this is crazy! I-I don’t have the authority – I can’t authorize — two hours is not enough-”

The radio squelches.

“H– hello?” says Dwayne. “Hello?” There is no response. Dwayne puts the microphone down. “Danny,” says Robinson, “did you get all that? Let’s go, we’ve gotta make some calls!”

Al watches Robinson run off.

In Holly’s office Karl is talking to Hans.

“Do you think they’ll even try to do it?” asks Karl.

“Who cares?” replies Hans. He taps on his walkie talkie. “Theo, are we on schedule?”

Theo is still working on the safe. “One more to go, then it’s up to you,” he says, “And you’d better be right, because it looks like this last one’s going to take a miracle.”

“It’s Christmas, Theo!” replies Hans. “It’s the time of miracles – – so, be of good cheer, and call me when you–”


Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Reginald VelJohnson as Sgt. Al Powell

Alexander Godunov as Karl

Bruce Willis as John McClane

Paul Gleason as Dwayne T. Robinson

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