Die Hard,

Minute 089: Hostage Terrorist Terrorist Hostage

February 01, 2018

Chris LaSalle and David Stoker of The Star Trek Minute

Hans wants to be notified when Theo gets to the last lock in the safe.

“Karl,” says Hans, “Hunt that little s—t down and get those detonators.”

“Fritz is checking the explosives,” says Karl.

“I’ll check the explosives – you just get the detonators.”

John McClane picks up his walkie talkie. “Hey pal,” he says, “you out there?”

“I’m here, John,” says Al, “I’m here. ”

“You gotta believe me,” says McClane, “There was nothing I could do.”

“Well, it’s gonna be both our asses if you’re wrong,” says Al.

“I hear you,” says John. He takes a drag off his cigarette. “Did you catch that bulls— Hans was running? Doesn’t make sense, man.”

“Hey, don’t ask me, man,” replies Al, “I’m just a desk jockey who was on his way home when you rang.”

“The way you drove that car, I figured you for the street, Al,” says McClane.

“In my youth,” says Al, “In my youth…”

On TV, the news anchor is introducing a writer. “…and author of ‘Hostage Terrorist, Terrorist Hostage: A Study in Duality.’ Doctor Haseldorf, what can we expect in the next few hours?”

“Well, Gail,” replies Dr. Haseldorf, “By this time–”


Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Reginald VelJohnson as Sgt. Al Powell

Alexander Godunov as Karl

Bruce Willis as John McClane

George Christie as Dr. Haseldorf

Mary Ellen Trainor as Gail Wallens

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