Die Hard,

Minute 090: Want a Breath Mint?

February 02, 2018

Chris LaSalle and David Stoker of The Star Trek Minute

Dr. Haseldorf is explaining the hostage situation to anchorwoman Gail.

“The hostages should be going through the early stages of the Helsinki Syndrome,” says Dr. Haseldorf.

“As in, Helsinki Sweden,” interjects Anchorman Harvey Johnson.

“Finland,” corrects Dr. Haseldorf. “Basically, it’s when the hostages and the terrorists go through a sort of psychological transference, and a projection of dependency. A strange sort of trust and bond develops…”

The body of Ellis is dragged out of Holly’s office, as sobs and sighs from the hostages fill the air.

“We’ve had situations where the hostages have embraced their captors after their release, and even corresponded with them in prison.”

Dwayne T. Robinson is on the phone, detailing the terrorist demands.

“No, no, honey,” says Robinson, “Asian Dawn. Dawn. D-A-W-N.”

“Sir?” a tactical officer interrupts.

“Yeah?” replies Robinson.

“The FBI is here,” says the officer.

“The FBI is here, now?” asks Robinson.

“Yes, sir, right over there,” says the officer.

“Hold this,” says Robinson, handing the officer his mobile phone. Robinson buttons his suit jacket.

“Want a breath mint?” asks Al, sarcastically.  Dwayne walks over to the two FBI officers.

“Hey!” says Robinson, “How are you doing, man?”

“I’m Agent Johnson,” says Agent Little Johnson, “This is Special Agent Johnson.” He points to the other agent.

“Oh,” says Robinson, turning to the other agent. “How are you doing?” Robinson holds out his hand.

“No relation,” explains Little Johnson. Big Johnson leaves Robinson’s handshake in midair.

“I’m uh,” begins Robinson, “I’m -”


Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Paul Gleason as Deputy Chief Dwayne T. Robinson

Reginald VelJohnson as Sgt. Al Powell

Alexander Godunov as Karl

Bruce Willis as John McClane

Robert Davi as Big Johnson

Grand L. Bush as Little Johnson

George Christie as Dr. Haseldorf

Mary Ellen Trainor as Gail Wallens

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