Die Hard,

Minute 096: Pretty Tricky with that Accent

February 12, 2018

Gary Roby and Victoria Laguna of The Harry Potter Minute

McClane realizes the man in front of him isn’t “Bill Clay.”

“Hans,” says John.

“Put it down, now,” says Hans, speaking of McClane’s gun.

“That’s pretty tricky with that accent,” says McClane, walking toward Hans. “You oughta be on f—ing TV with that accent.” He continues walking toward Gruber. “What do you want with the detonators, Hans? I’ve already used all the explosives. Or did I?”

“I’m going to count to three,” says Hans.

“Yeah,” says McClane, “Like you did with Takagi?”

Hans pulls the trigger. The gun doesn’t fire.

“Oops,” says John.

Hans tries firing agin. Still nothing.

“No bullets!” says McClane, taking the gun away from Hans. “Do you think I’m f—ing stupid, Hans?”

Suddenly, the elevator door chimes.

“You were saying?” says Hans.┬áKaral and Fritz appear as the elevator doors open.

McClane yells and opens fire on the two. Fritz fires back, but McClane kills him. Karl fires back at a running McClane, breaking windows in the computer room.

McClane continues to run as Karl sprays the computer room with bullets, breaking windows everywhere.


Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Bruce Willis as John McClane

Alexander Godunov as Karl

Hans Bohringer as Fritz


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