Die Hard,

Minute 097: Shoot the Glass

February 13, 2018

Gary Roby and Victoria Cope of The Harry Potter Minute

Karl and Franco continue to fire at McClane, and McClane fires back in the bullet-riddled computer room.

John takes aim at Franco’s knees, blowing them apart with his machine gun. Franco falls through the glass wall of the computer room, dead.

Karl crawls back behind one of the computer operation desks, while John lays down a withering machine gun fire, pinning Karl against the far end of the computer room.

Hans, hidden behind another computer cabinet, watches the gunplay.  Karl pops his head up from behind a computer desk, only to duck as McClane fires another burst, breaking yet another glass wall.

Gruber notices all the blood on the floor under Franco’s body. He gets an idea.

“Karl,” he says, “Schieße  den Fenster.” Karl looks at him, not knowing what Gruber is talking about.

McClane shoots again, causing Karl to duck. McClane pulls a shirt off his head.

Hans, frustrated at Karl’s incomprehension, switches to English, “Shoot. The. Glass!” he says.

Both Hans and Karl start spraying the computer room walls with bullets. The glass shatters into thousands of sharp pieces, that rain down on McClane.


Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Bruce Willis as John McClane

Alexander Godunov as Karl

Bruno Doyon as Franco


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