Die Hard,

Minute 098: Back in Business

February 14, 2018

Gary Roby and Victoria Cope of The Harry Potter Minute

Hans and Karl are spraying the computer room walls with bullets. The glass shatters into thousands of sharp pieces, that rain down on McClane.

In the middle of the firefight, McClane runs out of bullets. He tosses his gun and heads for the exit, through mounds of broken glass. Karl and Hans continue to fire. The hail of bullets is nearly continuous.

Hunkered down behind a computer desk, John is trapped by the gunfire. “Jesus Christ!” he yells. He looks at the EXIT sign, then at all the broken glass on the floor, then at his bare feet. He closes his eyes.

Karl slides one of the hockey puck grenades at McClane’s last location. It explodes, showering more debris and smoke across the room. Suddenly, there’s no noise.

Karl tips over a computer case to look for McClane. McClane is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Hans spots the knapsack with the detonators. He unzips the bag and finds what he’s been looking for.

“Smile, Karl,” says Hans, “we’re back in business.”  Karl spins around at looks at Hans. Karl is not satisfied that McClane’s escaped.


Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Bruce Willis as John McClane

Alexander Godunov as Karl



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