Die Hard,

Minute 099: He’s Still Alive

February 15, 2018

Gary Roby and Victoria Cope of The Harry Potter Minute


Gail Wallens is still interviewing Dr. Hasseldorf on KFLW.

“War is the last resort of diplomacy, then couldn’t we just as well say that terrorism has an equal claim on being that, too?” says Dr. Hasseldorf on the TV monitors in the news van. The screens are eclipsed by a piece of paper held by Mary.

“You got something,” says Thornburg. “Tell me you got something.”

“Just McClane’s name, badge number, employment record, vital statistics and his family’s home address.” replies Mary, “Right here in L.A.!”

Thornburg lets out a breath.

On the thirtieth floor, Eddie looks at the Nakatomi employees.  The elevator door chimes. Eddie spins around, only to see Hans and Karl exit the elevator. Hans tosses the knapsack full of detonators to Uli.

“Go to work,” says Hans to Uli.

Holly watches the exchange.

“You got it!’ says Uli.  An agitated Karl walks past Uli. Holly continues to watch Karl.

Karl walks up to a drinks cart and smashes the bottles with the butt of his rifle.

“God, that man looks really pissed,” says  Ginny to Holly.

Holly realizes something. “He’s still alive,” says Holly.

“What?” asks Ginny.

“Only John can drive somebody that crazy,” replies Holly.

Upstairs, McClane falls backwards into a restroom.


Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Bruce Willis as John McClane

Alexander Godunov as Karl

Al Leong as Uli

George Christy as Dr. Hasseldorf

Tracy Reiner as Mary

William Atherton as Richard Thornburg

Dustyn Taylor as Ginny

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