Die Hard,

Minute 103: Lose the Grid

February 21, 2018

Rick & Julia Ingham of The Mad Max Minute Podcast

Hans has a Christmas gift for Theo. “I give you: The F. B. I.,” says Hans.

Special Agent Big Johnson is yelling at Walt a utility worker. “I said, I want the friggin’ building shut down!”

“I got a problem here – ” says Walt.

“I don’t care what your problem is!” replies Big Johnson, “I don’t give two s—s! I want the building out! Dark! D-A-R-K!”

“You don’t understand!” says another worker, “You can’t do it from here!’

“Yeah, you could -” begins Walt.

“It can’t be done from here,” corrects the second worker.

“I could just – I could,” continues Walt.

“We can’t do it from here, I’m telling you,” repeats the second worker.  “It’s got to be done from downtown. They’ve got to take down a whole city grid. We’re talking ten square blocks!”

“Ten blocks!’ says Dwayne Robinson, “Johnson, that’s crazy – it’s Christmas Eve, man –  there’s thousands of people-”

“You have to go wider,” says Little Johnson.

“Look, the mayor will have my ass – ” says Robinson.

“I need authorization for that,” says the second utility worker.

“Authorization? How about the United States f—ing government?” replies Big Johnson. He kneels down to talk Walt in the manhole. “Lose the grid,” he says, “or you lose your job.” Walt pulls out a lunchbox-sized Motorola radio, and grabs the microphone.

“Yeah, Central?” says Walt.

“Yeah?” is the reply from Central.

“Yeah, this is Walt, down at Nakatomi,” says Walt. “Say, listen: would it be possible for you to turn off Grid Two Twelve?”

“Are you crazy?” says Central.

“Maybe I should call the Mayor on this, you know?” thinks Dwayne, out loud.

“Hey, no s— it’s my ass on this,” says Walt over the radio.


Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Clarence Gilyard, Jr. as Theo

Paul Gleason as Dwayne T. Robinson

Robert Davi as Special Agent Big Johnson

Grand L. Bush as Agent Little Johnson

Rick Ducommunas Walt

Bill Marcus as Utility Worker

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