Die Hard,

Minute 105: This is Agent Johnson. No, the Other One

February 23, 2018

Rick & Julia Ingham of The Mad Max Minute Podcast

While a variation on the Ode to Joy plays, Theo gleefully swings open the vault boxes containing millions in bearer bonds.

Kristof admires antique Japanese armor. “Shogun!” he says, then taps a bronze figurine with his finger and laughs. Next, he looks at a framed¬†Edgar Degas, The Dance Class, c. 1873, leaning against a wall.

Theo continues to open boxes.

The Eyewitness News van speeds up a hill, with Naktomi Tower lit in the distance.

Al Powell leans against LAPD patrol car 859. “Well,” he asks, “What are we going to to now? Arrest them for not paying their electric bill?”

Little Johnson replies, “We’ve shut them down. We let them sweat for a while, then – we give them helicopters–” Little Johnson pops a potato chip into his mouth.

“– right up the ass,” finishes Big Johnson.¬† Big Johnson pulls out a brick cell phone and says, “This is Agent Johnson. No, the other one. I want that air support ready to lift off in five minutes. Damn right, fully armed.”

Al looks askance at Big Johnson.

“We’re on the way, ” says Big Johnson.

Theo is humming and spinning through a stack of $100,000 bearer bonds. He laughs hysterically.

Hans picks up his walkie talkie. “I wish to talk to the FBI,” he says.


Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Clarence Gilyard, Jr. as Theo

Gerald Bonn as Kristoff

Robert Davi as Special Agent Big Johnson

Grand L. Bush as FBI Agent Little Johnson

Bruce Willis as John McClane

Reginald VelJohnson as Sgt. Al Powell

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