Die Hard,

Minute 108: Comprende?

February 28, 2018

Jeff Ferry & Chris Derkotch of The ‘Burbs Minute Podcast
Guest: Travis Bow from Watchmen Minute & Reel Comic Heroes

John wants Al to tell his wife something.

“John said that he was sorry,” said McClane. “Okay? You got that, man?”

“Yeah, I got it, John,” replies Al. “But you can tell her that yourself.  You just watch your ass, and you’ll make it out of there, you hear me?”

“Well, I guess that’s up to the Man Upstairs,” says John. McClane pauses, and ponders something.

“John? John?” says Al.

“What the f— were you doing upstairs, Hans?” McClane asks himself.

“John!” says Al, worried.

“No, Al – listen,” says McClane, “Listen, just lay off for a while. I gotta go check on something.” Al ponders what McClane’s plans are.

Meanwhile, at the Gennaro house, Richard Thornburg is giving the housekeeper Paulina a hard time.

“One- – one minute!” says Thornburg, “That’s all I’m asking is one minute.”

“No, senor,” replies Paulina.

“Just to speak with -” he continues.

“No, no!” repeats Paulina.

“Alright, alright, get back,” says Thornburg to the camera crew. He leans in and speaks to Paulina is a quiet voice, “Look, you let me in right now, or I call the INS. Comprende?”

Paulina is shocked.


Bruce Willis as John McClane

Reginald VelJohnson as Sgt. Al Powell

William Atherton as Richard Thornburg

Betty Carvalho as Paulina

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