Die Hard,

Minute 109: Pal! It’s a Double Cross!

March 01, 2018

Jeff Ferry & Chris Derkotch of The ‘Burbs Minute Podcast
Guest: Guy Hutchinson from Drunk on Disney podcast and Author of Letters to the Hall of Presidents

“Look,” says Thornburg to Paulina, “This is the last time these kids are going to have to speak to their parents.  Alright? Alright.”

Paulina nods.

“Come on,” says Thornburg to the camera crew.

McClane steps on his bandaged feet into the HVAC room. He climbs in-between the condensers.

“What were you doing, Hans?” he asks himself aloud. “What were you doing?” He looks up, and sees a bunch of electrical wires. Pulling himself up to the top of the condensers, he spots rows of C4 explosives and a beeping remote control.

“Jesus, Mary Mother of God!” he says, looking around. Dropping back to the floor below, he picks up his walkie-talkie.

“Pal! Pal! Listen to me!” yells McClane, “It’s a double cross! The whole building is wired to -” He’s interrupted by a gun barrel pressing against his cheek.


Bruce Willis as John McClane

William Atherton as Richard Thornburg

Betty Carvalho as Paulina

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