Die Hard,

Minute 110: Gather Your Flock, Miss Gennaro

March 02, 2018

Jeff Ferry & Chris Derkotch of The ‘Burbs Minute Podcast
Guest: Crystal Beth from The Fifth Eleminute

McLane is interrupted by a gun barrel pressing against his cheek. It’s Karl at the other end of the gun.

“John?” asks Al over the walkie talkie. “John? John, come in!”  Al puts the mic down and turns to the other LAPD officer. “Did you get that?” he asks.

“No,” says the officer, “Something about a double cross?”

“Tell me about it,” says Al, looking up at the sky. Two helicopters are approaching.

Back on the 35th floor, Karl takes the walkie talkie away from John. “We’re both professionals,” he says, breaking the walkie talkie on the ground. “This is personal!” continues Karl.

McClane shoves the rifle barrel up into the air and knocks Karl in the jaw. John shoves Karl into a stack of 55-gallon drums, and then delivers a series of blows to Karl. Karl finally blocks a punch, and knocks McClane off his heels. He kicks John in the face.

The two helicopters draw closer to the building.

“They’re coming!” says Eddie, watching from the window of the 30th Floor. “Choppers are coming!” he says to Hans.

“Okay,” says Hans, writing notes at Holly’s desk. A TV news program plays on a portable set on the desk.  “Time to gather your flock, Miss Gennaro.”


Bruce Willis as John McClane

Alexander Godunov as Karl

Reginald VelJohnson as Al Powell

Dennis Hayden as Eddie

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