Die Hard,

Minute 113: I am an Exceptional Thief

March 07, 2018

Rob Lumley & Joe Duellman of The Tombstone Minute Podcast

Hans is ecstatic that he has Mrs. McClane as a hostage. He picks up his walkie-talkie.

“McClane, I have some news for you,” he says. “McClane!” he repeats.

Meanwhile, Karl and John are fighting for the dropped pistol.  Karl grabs the weapon and fires at McClane. He wings McClane but John falls into the stairway. Bullet holes puncture the stairway door but miss McClane.

Uli continues to force the hostages to the roof of the building and the heliport.

Karl marches into the stairway, looking for McClane, but John surprises him from an elevated hiding place with a kick to the face. McClane leaps on top of the prone Karl and shoves him against a dolly, screaming “Mother f—er, I’ll kill you!”

Back in the vault, Theo is adjusting controls on a radio device. “Armed!” he says to Hans,  then asks, “The truck?”

“The truck,” replies Hans, loading more bearer bonds into a backpack.  Holly watches while seated against a wall.

“After all your posturing,” says Holly, “all your little speeches – you’re nothing but a common thief.”

Hans wheels about and faces Holly, “I am an exceptional thief, Mrs. McClane!” he replies.


Bruce Willis as John McClane

Alexander Godunov as Karl

Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Bonnie Bedelia as Holly Gennaro McClane

Ken Leong as Uli

Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Theo


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