Die Hard,

Minute 115: Where’s Holly?

March 08, 2018

Rob Lumley & Joe Duellman of The Tombstone Minute Podcast


The two helicopters continue down the Avenue of the Stars at very low altitude,  then ascend rapidly towards the heliport atop Nakatomi Tower.

Uli finishes getting all the hostages up to the heliport, then hurries down the stairway. As he opens the door, McClane ventilates Uli with a half-dozen rounds from a machine gun.  John climbs over Uli’s body and runs up the stairs to the heliport.

“Where’s Holly?” he shouts at the hostages. “Where’s Holly Gennaro? Holly Gennaro? Where’s Holly?”  The hostages are confused by his appearance and continue screaming.

He finds Holly’s secretary, Ginny, and asks, “Where’s Holly? Where is she?”

“They took her!” replies Ginny, in tears.

“Where?” asks John.

“The vault!” says Ginny.

“Where is the vault?” asks John.

“The thirtieth floor,” says Ginny, “On the stairs – they just took her!”  Suddenly one of the helicopters appears next to the roof level.

“Get downstairs! All of you!” yells McClane. “The whole f—ing roof is wired to blow! Get down! Get down! Get the f— downstairs!” The hostages don’t respond quickly enough to his liking. McClane fires into the air, getting the attention of the hostages, who run for the stairway.

“They made us, Bureau!” says the co-pilot of the lead helicopter. “You’ve got a terrorist shooting at the hostages.”

“Yeah, I see him!” says Big Johnson. “Bank left!”

The pilot yaws left.  Below them they see a man shooting a machine gun, but don’t know it’s John McClane.

Bruce Willis as John McClane

Ken Leong as Uli

Dustyn Taylor as Ginny


Robert Davi as Special Agent Johnson

Grand L. Bush as Agent Johnson


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