Die Hard,

Minute 116: Nail That Sucker

March 12, 2018

Neil Brown and George Hendricks of The Mogwai Minute Podcast



The pilot yaws left.  Below them they see a man shooting a machine gun, but don’t know it’s John McClane.

“Nail that sucker!” yells Big Johnson.

As McClane continues firing to scare the hostages back down the stairs, a stream of bullets rain down from the helicopter.  He’s chased off the landing pad, and falls next to a fence surrounding the HVAC equipment.

“I’m on your side, you a–holes!” shouts McClane.

“Aw s—,” says Big Johnson in the helicopter. “Swing around again. I’ll bag this little bastard!” The helicopter circles the building.

Meanwhile, the hostages run down the stairway, under the body of Karl, suspended from a chain.

On the roof, McClane opens a cabinet labeled, “CAUTION: FOR FIRE FIGHTING BY TRAINED PERSONNEL ONLY” and pulls out a reel of canvas fire hose. He rapidly unspools the hose as the helicopter circles overhead.  As he ties the end of the hose around his waist, McClane asks himself, “Oh John, what the f— are you doing? How the f— did you get into this s—?”

On the 30th Floor, Eddie hears the hostages racing down the stairs. He doubles back to the vault. “There’s something wrong!” he yells at Hans. “They’re coming back down!”


Bruce Willis as John McClane

Dennis Hayden as Eddie

Alexander Godunov as Karl

Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Robert Davi as Special Agent Johnson

Grand L. Bush as Agent Johnson


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