Die Hard,

Minute 117: Blow the Roof

March 13, 2018

Neil Brown and George Hendricks of The Mogwai Minute Podcast

“Blow the roof,” says Hans.

“But Karl’s up there!” says Eddie.

“Blow the roof!” says Hans, grabbing the detonator.

The helicopter continues to circle.

McClane climbs onto the ledge of the building. “I promise — I will never even think of going into a tall building again!” He looks down at the circle of police cars, far below.

“Oh God,” he says, “Please don’t let me die.”

The FBI helicopter rises behind him.

Hans presses the detonator buttons.

Agent Big Johnson takes aim on McClane.

McClane jumps off the ledge. The roof explodes behind him.

A brilliant flash illuminates the west side of Los Angeles. A huge fireball rises into the sky.  The FBI agents in the helicopter are blinded by the fireball.

Screaming, McClane falls down the side of the building, the fire hose unreeling above him.  As the hose reel empties, the fire blows the reel off its hinge, and it skitters across the floor of the roof.  The reel catches on the side of the ledge, and McClane slams into the side of the building.

Explosions continue on the roof.

McClane kicks the window with his bloody feet, but the window doesn’t break.  He pushes outward from the building aiming a pistol at the window and firing seven shots into it, breaking the window into pieces.  As he swings back, he falls through the broken window into the building.

The reel falls off the roof of the building.


Bruce Willis as John McClane

Dennis Hayden as Eddie

Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

Robert Davi as Special Agent Johnson

Grand L. Bush as Agent Johnson


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