Die Hard,

Minute 127: This One’s With Me

March 27, 2018

Hal Bryan and Jim O’Kane of The Rocketeer Minute Podcast
Guest: Billy Campbell


Behind the gun is Sgt. Al Powell, surprised that he’s overcome his fear of armed conflict. John looks at Karl’s body, then at Al.

Holly and John get up off the ground.

“All right, the two of you, go up and see if there’s anyone else,” says a police officer to other law enforcement staff.

Just then, Argyle busts through a garage  gate with his limo.  Al turns, ready with his pistol to stop further violence.

McClane puts his hand on Al’s arm. “This one’s with me,” says John, moving Al’s gun toward the ground.  John wraps his arm around Holly and walk toward Argyle’s limo.

Argyle waves at them from the limo.

“Mister McClane! Mister McClane!” interrupts Richard Thornburg, who thrusts a microphone in John’s face. “Now that it’s all over, after this incredible ordeal, what are your feelings?” The scene switches to a video view of the confrontation.

Holly punches Thornburg in the jaw. Thornburg staggers for a moment and grabs his nose.

“Well, well, well,” says McClane to Argyle. “Merry Christmas, Argyle.” Argyle holds the limo door open for the McClane couple. They climb inside.

“Merry Christmas,” says Argyle.

On-camera, Thornburg asks his producer, “Did you get that?”

Argyle closes the door and shakes his head. “If this is their idea of Christmas,” he says, “I’ve got to be there for New Years!”

John and Holly face each other in the back of the limo.  They’re about to kiss.


Richard Thornburg: William Atherton

Argyle: De’voreaux White

John McClane: Bruce Willis

Holly Gennaro McClane: Bonnie Bedelia

Sgt. Al Powell: Reginald VelJohnson

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