Minute Episode Names

1120th Century Fox
12Make Fists with Your Toes
13One of the Greatest Years
14Families, Stockings, Chestnuts
15Hello Lucy McClane
27CD, CB, TV, Telephone
28This IS Christmas Music
29You're Alright, Argyle
210Cute Toy
311Get Off Where You Hear the Noise
312Champagne, Sir?
313Missed Some
314Pearl Harbor Didn't Work Out
416Didn't Miss My Name Though
417Say Something to the Troops
418Boom! Two Points
419Pacific Courier
521Links Dann Rechts
522The Vote's Not in Yet
523Nein Nein Nein!
525Think! Think!
626Ladies and Gentlemen
627I am Takagi
628John Phillips, London
629Fill in the Blanks Questions
630What Kind of Terrorists Are You?
731The Code Please
732I'm Going to Count to Three
733My Charming Personality
734The 7th Lock is Out of My Hands
735Call 9-1-1
836Come to Papa
837I Promise I Won't Hurt You
838There are Rules for Policemen
839Feet Smaller Than My Sister
840I Wanted This to be Professional
941Now I Have a Machine Gun
942Tell Karl his Brother is Dead
943I Want Blood
944Mayday Mayday
945Do I Sound Like I'm Ordering a Pizza?
1046They're for My Wife
10478-Lincoln-30 to Dispatch
1050Shut Him In and Come Back Down
1151[Lighter Flicks]
1152Come out to the Coast
1153Die Polizei
1154Who's Driving this Car - Stevie Wonder?
1155Evenin' Officer
1256Aw the Hell with This
1257No More Table
1258Welcome to the Party Pal
1259This is Simply the Beginning
1260Just a Fly in the Ointment
1361Roy Rogers
1362Eat it Harvey
1363I Read You Pal
1364Well-financed and Very Slick
1365Dwayne Robinson
1466What Idiot Put You in Charge
1467Miss Gennaro
1468Live From Century City
1469Probably Some Stock Broker
1470And When to Pray
1571Nestles Crunch
1572Twas the Night Before Christmas
1573They're Shooting at the Lights
1574The Police Have Themselves an RV
1575Macht Schnell
1676The Quarterback is Toast
1677Take This Under Advisement Jerkweed
1678Eat Your Heart Out Channel Five
1679Bad News for You Dwayne
1680Sprechen Sie Talk
1781Business is Business
1782A Thousand Year Old Twinkie
1783Sister Teresa Called Me Mister McClane
1784Ellis What Have You Told Them?
1785What am I a Method Actor?
1886Like Pulling the Trigger Yourself
1887Attention Police
1888I Read About Them in Time Magazine
1889Hostage Terrorist Terrorist Hostage
1890Do You Want a Breath Mint?
1991Not Anymore
1992You're One of Them
1993An A-7 Scenario
1994Clay, Bill Clay
1995A Weekend at a Combat Ranch
2096Pretty Tricky with that Accent
2097Shoot the Glass
2098Back in Business
2099He's Still Alive
20100You'd Better Heat up That Miracle
21101I Shot a Kid
21102The Circuits that Cannot be Cut
21103Lose the Grid
21104The Universal Terrorist Playbook
21105This is Agent Johnson. No, The Other One
22106Sitting on a Beach, Earning Twenty Percent
22107The Best Thing That Ever Happened
22109Pal! It's a Double Cross!
22110Gather Your Flock Miss Gennaro
23111How Nice to Make Your Acquaintance
23112I Can Live With That
23113I Am an Exceptional Thief
23114Junior High
23115Where's Holly?
24116Nail That Sucker
24117Blow the Roof
24118Gonna Need Some More FBI Guys
24119While the Building Falls Down Around Your Ears
24120Allez Vite
25121Put Down the Gun
25122Still the Cowboy
25123Happy Trails Hans
25124Thank God It's Over
25125Al, This is My Wife
26126Holly McClane
26127This One's With Me
26128Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
26129Stunts By:
26130Boss Film Corporation
27131Knives Provided By Jack W. Crain
27132Copyright 1988
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