Die Hard,

Minute 048: [Gunfire]

December 06, 2017

Hal Bryan and Jim O’Kane
of The Rocketeer Minute

John McClane bursts through the door under the helipad, onto a mesh metal catwalk.  As he runs to the end of the walkway, he finds his escape route blocked by a large rotating ventilation fan.

Above him, Karl tries to drop to the other side of the fan, but Karl is met by a hail of bullets from John McClane. Karl motions for Fritz to head downstairs, below McClane’s position on the catwalk.

Meanwhile, John’s solution to get past the fan is to block the rotating blades with his machine gun. As he squeezes through the passageway,  Franco shoots at McClane from the other side, but misses McClane.

Karl, at a run, shoots through the fan blades, but McClane is already making his escape down the catwalk’s ladder on the other side of the fan.  John climbs down the ladder, which is revealed to be the top of one of the elevator shafts. McClane finds himself at the lowest level catwalk, and presses himself up against the vent louvers to avoid being a target.

Karl and Franco double back from the fan room at a run.


John McClane: Bruce Willis

Dispatcher: Shelley Pogoda

Sgt. Al Powell: Reginald VelJohnson

Karl: Alexander Godunov

Fritz: Hans Buhringer

Franco: Bruno Doyon











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